Making Of 'Man with Pig'

In this tutorial I will explain in a very simple way the steps to create this image. The idea was to create a scene where to be able to apply the textures from off this cd. After many ideas I decided to create a street where to be able to use textures of bricks, floor, walls, windows, doors, wood, trees...

I have always liked to create characters, for that reason I decided that in that scene it could have a history.

Everything is a little surreal, there is a strange man that goes for a with a pig. The man looks into the window of a butcher shop, while the pig contemplates paralyzed, what his fate is.
The textures of this cd are very alive and colours, as the bricks in the walls of the houses. In both cases I have used the texture and the bump maps to achieve a bigger volume. In all the textured objects I have used the same process

First I apply the map and then the bump map. If the object requires it I apply reflection (as the streetlights).
To the bottom of the street some rails can be seen that have been applied with a alpha channel on a plane. This is very easy to do.

The trees were also created this way, although at the end I added them in the postproduction process with Photoshop

In the window I decided to put meat, cheese, sausages and another pig. On the surface where they are placed I put a wooden texture.

In some occasions I used the plug-in texporter for texturing and in other occasions I used unwrap of 3dstudio Max. Finally the image was rendering in several parts. Later it was finalized in Photoshop by means of postproduction

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