Making Of 'Living Room'

This is a tutorial based on a livingroom which I did before and has been recording in 3dtotal's texture CD as a paradigm to show how to enhance your scene skill.


The texturing part of this scene is easy, please see below pictures to know which textures have been placed to which model.

Now when all texturing has been finished, I export the model to lightscape, and ran radiosity. First set a skylight direction.

After I ran radiosity, you can see that it is too dark, so I decided to delete a wall face to allow more light to come into the room.

Then we all was set i ran a 4-6 hours radiosity during the night. Ok, now when radiosity had run 75% through,I opened the model and it was it is too bright, so it was turned down to a lower setting.

Ok,now we can open texture. For color balance,i make a blend for each texture,please see below pic

Ok now i made one rendering with all texture,but i found that something is not prefect.

So i made another rendering without background and desk glass,please see below.

Finally, need to render one alpha with i can easy edit them

Ok, now work is almost most finished, I to need retouch them in photoshop, change ceiling color and make other color balance.

The textures are of a very high quality and can save you a lot of time when working with them.


Chen Qingfeng

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