Making Of 'Lady Sculpture'

This is a polygon model which is worked on in Maya4. I personally think that polygon is a really suitable and easy way for complicated modeling. The above images show the details of the model in which the net is mainly worked by "Split polygon tool".

In this stage to make this style of hair at the back, first I made the overall solid then by choosing particular faces and omitting the checkmark of "Keep faces together" in "Tool options", the faces were extruded and scaled simultaneously but separately to bevel.

In this stage you can find that after modeling the head ,the decoration of the hair in front of the head and temple are added to the model.

As the two halves of the modelare identical, first I worked on one part of the model then after completing it I copied and mirrored it and the two halves were combined and merged and the result is the image on the right. This process is done really fast but the result is amazing .

Now in this stage in accordance to the direction of the eye of the model and with the use of an imaginative circle I completed the irises of the eyes.I think to show the irises we'd better use at least 8 Subdivision Axis .

In this stage the head was rotated to the left and a little downward on the neck axis. Also I made some modifications on the neck of the model then added the pillar of the sculpture and as it is shown in the image on the right I smoothed the model.

From this stage I worked in Max 4.2 . After assigning UVW map in cylindrical and box method and with the use of two separate materials of marble and lending them by a black and white mask I got the material I needed.

Here in the above picture lighting is shown briefly. To have a real image in rendering, I used two lights which contain soft shadows and are shown in blue and two with hard shadows shown in red.The result of this composite is the sama as the one which is got from advanced lighting as radiocity.

The lighting and rendering led to the above images in that the one on the left shows the marble is polished and the one on the right shows the model is composed of blended materials. In this method the stony manner of the model can be better shown.

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