Making Of 'Jade Fox'

Deep under the surface of a long forgotten place.. the steps, the stoneplates of the floor are broken and the inscriptions on the signs are long gone and unreadable..

I had this idea about a fox-human hybrid creature.. a kind of ghost or supernatural being.. someone youcan meet
in your dreams.. a guardian.. omniscient.. scary and sweet all at the same time.. red and orange and golden.. with shiny jadegreen eyes..

I started with some quick sketches to get a feeling for her character..

Then I put down some fox-fur colors..

I ended up with these foxy orange fellows.. maybe a little too cartoony..

Her character should be a little more human-like instead.. So I started over with the lineart for a female body. And even if the final image will not show lots of architecture/buildings, it's good to have some simple perspective lines
to work with..

I worked on a relativly low-res image first, trying some color schemes and ideas for her clothes and the background..Since I wanted the girl (and not the wall) to be the focal point of this picture, there needed to
be some adjustments on the colors/the lighting..

In the latest version, the lightest point of the picture is her face.. it's now also the area with the biggest contrast, so it will get the most attention.. The image is now stretched into the final size and I've started with the real painting..In the closeup you can see that I mainly used Photoshop's "Airbrush Pen Opacity Flow" brush..

I wanted some goblins in the picture.. one of them looking over her shoulder.. others hiding in the red curtain.. so I started experimenting with some goblin faces..

I ended up, however, with quite a cute sort of goblin..

Working on her face I realized adding some kind of cap might look nice. This way she has the fox-like ears, but appears more human.

For her velvet cuffs I choosed the same design..

Before I show the final image, here are some more close-ups of the image:

And at last, the final image:

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