Making Of 'Heaven and Hell'

This series of images will show the general method that I used to create my painting "Heaven and Hell". Each image has a brief description of what was going on and how I was working. Should you want to see a more detailed Image, click on the picture and you will be taken to a larger version. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

I begin by creating a new document with a colored paper. I then create a new layer. On this layer I sketch my initial figure. Everything remains very fluid and subject to change. I have not determined the final size at this point but I do have a clear Image in my mind of where I am going. I do my sketching with a variation of the marker brush. At this point I work on the figures separately.

I apply lighting to the background. This is the easiest way to get some color going. I block in the figure and hair. I try to arrive at color and value relationships that will work in the final Image. I am still painting on the transparent layer. I am also working on the figures separately but applying the same lighting to keep a consistency in the Images.

I continue to work on the figures. In this Image I have started to add some texture to her skin to give her a little more creepy look.

I have to resize my canvas to make enough room for the second figure. Both figures are on separate layers making it easy to position them just how I want them. When I think they are positioned, I combine the two layers. I begin to work on the background and integrating the figures together.

Here's the background without the distracting figures. I always try to keep things fluid and subject to change but I am beginning to envision the final feeling that I want at this point.

At this point I drop the figures on to the background. I continue to refine both figures. I add the smoking fire to the dark angel's palm. I paint in the smoke and then use the turbulence brush to give it the swirling look.

I refine both figures. I add the clouds to the background behind the white angel. I paint the butterfly on a new layer using mainly airbrush variations. I only paint half the butterfly. I copy, paste, and flip horizontally the half butterfly. I then collapse both layers to one. I position the butterfly where I want it. At this point I have also removed some of the canvas on the right side of the painting. The blue square is some bug that painter started generating.

I clone the Image. In the clone version, I begin adding the fire in the background. I paint most of the fire with the airbrush and custom variations of the airbrush. I do not worry about overlapping the figures at all. When the fire is finished, I clone the figure back in from the original. I begin to develop the reflected light on the dark angel.

More background development. Again, there is the flaw that painter is generating. For some reason, this only is happening when I save to the painter RIF format. I have begun saving everything in TIF format also.

The final painting. If you have any specific questions, don't hesitate to e-mail me.

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