Making Of 'GT 500 Shelby Mustang'

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you a way to prepare a scene for your cars. I made this car by myself without the help of any blue prints. This tutorial is not about creating the car so I wont be explaining how I modelled it. But you can see some steps in the animation below.

I modelled the mustang using some reference photos which shows off all the details of car partly as you can see in the picture below.

I've chosen to use "Raytrace" for creating the car's paint texture as you can see below, The properties that I used for the cars paint are below.

In the picture below shows the properties for creating the glass material for the mustang.

For the texture map for the plane under the car which is the road surface ,should be a square scene in material editor and by choosing modifier/uwm map/length :4000 width : 700, by doing this you can see what it will look like before you apply it the the surface

How to make a vinyl : I used "blend" for the vinyl which will go over the wheel arches. By using blend, the black parts of vinyl will look red, whilst the other parts of it look the same colour because of "alpha" used in the alpha channel.

You can see the hdr and rendering properties below. This is "mental ray" and in this scene, I used a skylight. I've also used the hdri for the enviroment. Using these properties, you could have a render in about 5-10mins.

I have saved out the image as a "tiff with an alpha", after it had been rendered . Now its off to use Photoshop as its easier for creating the background

Open up he saved image and select the alpha channel in Photoshop.

Then, select the "color range" button and select all the color parts.

Then add a "motion blur" to the selection so give the scene the sense of movement

Also make a selection of the wheels and use a "radial blur" for the choosen area.

And it's time to meet Elenor the GT 500 Shelby Mustang

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