Making of 'Environment Concept'

I like fantasy styles a lot, so I decided to make another fantasy art work using matte painting techniques. Here are the steps of creation of this particular work.

First of all, I built the sky and the clouds...

I then made the environment, rocks, mountains and the valley.

I made the building in the foreground from a cathedral and a church, cutting and combining them to achieve this unique structure. The next step was to make one piece and set up the direction of light.

The next step was building up the flying ships; these were made from real textures which were pieced together to make a nice silhouette.

The main problem was integrating all of the pieces together and setting the atmosphere. To make a big difference between the light and the shadows, I firstly used the Color Balance option to get the basic tones of light and shade.

To exaggerate the contrast, I use the Dodge and Burn tools. For the atmosphere, I created a 2d fog on a painted layer, sent to the Soft Light blending option.

Here are the images which show the difference between the scene with and without fog.

And the final image can be seen here:

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