Making Of 'Day'

For the scene I made one simple building for this small tutorial and with the good textures of 3DTotal I made this model from one photo, and made one street for this small tutorial. I didn't make a big change to the textures I just used them straight from CD, and made clear style rendering.

Apart from using texture Total Textures v12 and v13 I used some fromCD2, 3 and 6 for other parts of the model then tweaked the uvw mapping coordinates, until satisfied with them.

After that, use radiosity render, add daylight to the scene and render. I have used a very simple light set. The render time was 1:20:20 in a resolution of 2400 px / 1800 pix with a p4-3g,768mb.

After rendering the scene again, I saved the result which is then imported into Photoshop to retouch color and add light effect. I Made a PostProduction in Photoshop that consisted on adding some contrast, a sharpen mask to darken some areas. and I used Dirt and Grafitti Texture CD to make another style rendering, named: Elapsing

I think that the quality or my work will increase with the Total Textures and they will be of much help in the future.

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