Making Of 'Curious-3'

This image is three aliens that keep on coming back to the same spot once a month, they are interested in us as much as we are in them, We try to keep quiet as they look at us, observing each other it seems, they might me be explorers are interested in the universe.

Close ups

Modeling is very important, it helps you to scalp the sculpture the way you imagine it is an art form and it needs talent
and knowledge and a lot of testing.My modeling and rendering is done in Lightwave 8.

After 6 to 8 hours of modeling, I feel that it looks the way I imagined it, now starts the fun stuff.

I start to develop my UVs in Body-Paint 3D, This is fun because I love painting and texturing.

When it's done, right right-click on it and click on Convert to and pick Convert to Editable Poly. This is what you should see

All my textures were provided by (3D Total Volume 10 Alien Skins) I must say that the guys make Great textures, they work perfect.

This is the final look with the textures in place.

Close ups

I set it up for a I K so I can testdrive the model :)


This is the grass that I created with few plugins

3D total Alien Textures

I have painted this image in PSD to keep as a back ground photo to the environment

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