Making Of 'Chi Orb'

8 Simple Steps

In this tutorial I will explain the steps I developed to create a Chi Orb (Shiney Glowing Ball with Engery) using Photoshop. I'm assuming you know all the tools in photoshop and know how to add and modifiy Photoshop layers. Also this work BEST with a wacom or any other computer tablet with a tablet pen.

Step 1

Create a new layer and name it orb. This will leave you with two layers, one is the orb layer and the other is the background layer. Using the paint bucket tool, fill the Background layer with black. On the orb layer, create an orange-red circle. To make a circle, use the Elliptical Marquee Tool (SHIFT M) and fill it with an orange-red color

Step 2

Using the Dodge Tool (SHIFT O) and a decent brush size, start adding the hot spots (bright areas) onto the orange-red circle. Make sure the dodge tool's exposure is low. It's up to you where you want the bright areas. As for me, I closed my eyes and
picked few areas.

Step 3

Increase the exposure and go over the same area again. What we're doing here is making the bright areas brighter and stronger. As you can see, the orb is taking a form and it's not flat anymore.

Step 4

Switch to the Burn Tool (SHIFT O, keep hitting SHIFT O until the tool shows up) and burn some areas on the orb. Don't burn too much, just some minor areas.

Step 5

Go back to the Dodge Tool and used a 3 point brush. Now here comes the fun part! Pretend you're a little kid again, using the wacom pen start scribbling around, creating bright lines in the orb.

Step 6

Do the same process as Step 5 but this time used the Burn Tool.

Step 7

Blur the orb's edge with the Blur Tool (just a little, don't want to blur it too much) and using the dodge tool, make the hot spots even brighter.

Step 8

Last step, create a new layer on top of the orb and call it "Glow". Change the "Glow" layer mode to Screen. Take a large airbrush and create a soft glow on top of the orb. Also make sure the brush's opacity is low, 20 to 30% should do it.

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