Making Of 'Centuried Street'

The pictures above are the reference material that I found which helped me create my scene so the building where a mixture of Tibet building with a kind of traditional building of China.

The moist ground , the high wall, the far-reaching street, appear ato have a kind of mystery.

First of all, I have drawn the TEXTURE MAP. Using some stone reference photos I started overlaying each section in Photoshop until I created my red wall.

Using the same method, I finished the material of the ground floor and top floor and combined both together. You do benefit from seeing the result together and it helps with the corrections that are still to come

The building is under the circumstances of wear and decay that occurs over the years, so each part will show different stages of decay.

This is a result of enclosing the texture map.

Finally: Insert an onmi light to create the atmospheric effect of the fog (Picture A).The main light source is finished by RectArea of Brazil (Picture B).

To see more by Weiye Yin, check out Beginner's Guide to Digital Painting in Photoshop

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