Making Of 'Carnostaurus Sastrei'

Check out and download here my two movies of how i went about modeling and adding detail to my dinosaur.

This is the image I have used for the Background. I'm addicted to mountain biking, picture taken by my friend with Sony R1 during one of our rides. I loved the foggy after-rain atmosphere, so I removed my self, and made space for Dinosaur.

Took some more photos containing fern out of my personal library (I'm addicted to photography as well). Later in process, I have "rotoscoped" ferns, so they fit nicely into final comp. And that was basically the photography part.

After exporting 5 different mat Cap material renders of Dinosaur to Photoshop, I started arranging blending effects throughout these five aligned images, until achieving desired look for further work.

To get the acceptable final output by playing with blending modes, I don't have any specific rules that I follow, you just play with it, changing them trough layers, and trough blending modes, until you get what you want. So, tomorrow, if I want to make another dinosaur, I guess I'm going to use completely different pattern in blending order.

After having base done, I'm duplicating this layer, from which I paint spots and stripes on the animal, to make it look more natural. I avoided clean look, wanted to make it look somewhat discreet, but at the same time vibrant. Also, have learned from my pet, bearded dragon that some reptiles tend to change colours depending on how they feel (happy / angry), or the outside factor like heath, humidity, or cold. So the fun factor was to imagine this dinosaur having number of colour outfits.

This is the POW render, to clear how model looks from different angles. For the final pose I have tilted the model slightly upwards, cause that angle looked better then the plane one.

After removing myself out of the equation, the BG was ready for adding the elements. I've started with dinosaur, then two layers of fern, reason I did two layers is, because later, I added layer of shadows, and second layer of painted evaporations and fog.

So, now that I have sorted some things, it was time to immerse Carnotaurus into the woods. It meant, I needed to find a way how to make this dinosaur appear as if he really is in that woods.

First, I took the Background, duplicated it, and then in blending mode chosen colour burn mode. It mad the forest much more...something.

That opened place for ever welcoming flare effect of sun rays cutting trough woods, and Carnotaurs head. I used gradient tool and after I just applied motion blur filter on it.

Somewhere along the way, I decided to flip the entire piece horizontally. In this point, things like fog, shadows, and more blending in of the dinosaur were ahead.

Here I added some fog to fern's, along with shadow. If you notice that dinosaur is now lighted properly. This is achieved again trough blending modes. I duplicated dinosaur and turned in screen mode for the upper layer, and then deleted with brush all logical places, where I supposed that light shouldn't be at.

Painting teeth's and eye was easiest part.

Final moves were adding the feel of wet skin, and painting evaporations. The wet skin was done, again, by duplicating major dinosaur layer and then, applied the plastic wrap on it, and subtle deleting of some parts, and leaving some parts behind, evaporation is paint job, took some time to get it properly done.

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