Making Of 'Atatürk'

Hi. My name is Deniz ÖZEMRE from TÜRKİYE/Çanakkale . I am 28 years-old freelancer 3d artist.

This work has some specific areas that I have developed myself in years while working on character modelling/texturing and I want to share them with you as much as possible.

The character was done by using 3dsmax7.5 but sometimes I have used XSI for modelling and unfolding the mesh but it doesn't matter at all. I have included as part of my research, all the photos I used and help to explain "Who is Atatürk"? Atatürk is the founder of Turkish Republic who lived between 1881-1938 . He was a very inspiring and charismatic leader. A commander, a teacher, a president and much much more... For these reasons it was a challenge for me to work on him. In this article I won't go into every specific detail but I will explain the more important parts. First mission is gathering references and knowing about how he looks like when walking, looking etc and the volume of his body... This knowledge will help me while i construct my rigs and model. I have used google search engine and found about fifty reference photos and here are some of them.



Ok. Now I can start to model. I always use high polygon levels on my models cause it will help me if i want to make some displacement maps with zbrush.

Unfolding of the mesh.


And finally I can paint the textures. I hand paint all my textures. By this way renders don't look like dead and they prevent many artifacts. Here I roughly want to give a bump mapping technique.

First i produce a noise map in max by using these values.

After that i throw it into the environment slot and take a render from the perspective view like shown below.

Our head mesh is ready for painting. I have sent it to bodypaint to make the following adjustments

1. Choosing noise map as a texture brush

2. Scaling it

3. Sizing.

4. Painting.

5. Stretching the texture by using smudge tool.

By this way you can give directions to your textures on organic models and can experience more effects by changing contrast, scale and adding new effects . It really works on my most personal work.

Below you can find my textures that was prepared for head.

Glossy reflection map is bloody important for most cases cos if the face doesn't glare in some parts it will look like a dead. You can see the highlight on Laetitia Casta's eye and observe the life that it gives to her face.


and a test render.

Hmmm. I have to think about clothes. In those days photographs were black&white; and they weren't show much more details. So what should I do! Once more I started search for some references for garments worn in 1930-1940. On Google i have focused on a dress called as "tail-coat" and have countered these samples.

You can see my shaded and wire samples of the finished model.

Now I need a pose. If a charismatic leader stands then everything on him has to look perfect. Again I found a reference from google which gave me an idea how a man can stand wearing a tail-coat .

Oh. Forgot to rig the coat.

Here we go

Our next step is making the hair and eyebrows. I have used about 60 splines for the hair and than edited it in shave and haircut module, and the repeated the same steps for the eyebrows. The mesh templates used for hair and eyebrows were extracted from the base head mesh and subdivided for a good diffusion result hair

A test render.

and eyebrows

So guys we are now approaching the end.

Now that the render of the bust is done I will send the whole body to be rendered after I have finished the refinements and I hope I will have some free time to work on them

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