Making Of 'All Road'

Originally I knew that I wanted to design and model a futuristic vehicle of some description without knowing exactly the type..

Using Lightwave 3d Modeller I started building basic shapes from primitives and Began to model a form and shape that I liked..

I still hadn't decided at this point if this was to be a hover bike or land cruiser kind of object but had already modeled it like this with a view to where the engine would go and the foot pedals also...

I began adding more details to the engine and suspension trying to keep it at least looking like a real world object.. by now I had decided it would be a 4 x4 type of car with rugged all road wheels and big chunky tires..

By now I had added the seat and steering column and tires .. I was using basic modeling tools such as extrudes and bevels to achieve the chunky look , I extended the wheel arches to make them more aggressive and trying to keep a 4x4 kind of look..

I added the modeled female, which was an older model I decided to reuse for this project..
I tried different poses for her with the 4x4 , personally I actually preferred her Slumped over the tire in a kinda cool way but decided against it for the final render.. here are some examples of the different poses I used..

I then started the basic texturing..

I knew that the tires would be hardest part so I designed some UV maps and applied some Prodecural layers to add to whole effect.

The rest of the texturing was image maps of metal textures downloaded from the web and Some basic procedural layers to break up the UV seams and add some dirt layers..

For the final render I used a basic scanned image to composite onto..
Again I wanted to use a real world image rather than a fantasy landscape to add believability to the shot so I chose an ambient image without much direct lighting ..

The lighting was created to generate diffuse soft shadows using arrays of area lights matching the image and to not detract to much from the main subject of the render..

Here is also a second version that I made using basically the same techniques and recolored slightly in photoshop

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