Making of "Alchemy Room"

Hello everyone, it's a pleasure to be in this section, I hope this information can help someone. I have seen a lot of excellent quality tutorials on this site, so I think I will show how simple it was to make this image.

The first thing I want to emphasize is that several weeks ago I was thinking of doing something like this style. Inspired by the works of great artists, I decided to collect many references of steampunk, which helped me a lot when it came to modeling details, creating materials, and even creating the mood in post-production.

The concept

To get a clear idea of what I wanted to do, I made some sketches in my notebook, and when one of them appealed to me, I started to model it in 3ds Max. I didn't complicate things very much with advanced modeling techniques; rather keeping it simple, going from the basic to the complex, depending on the importance of the element. I remembered the importance of reference, because based on them and a little imagination, I could creates many complex elements.

The 3D model

I looked for ways to model this quickly, using basic shapes, where in addition to saving time, I could lighten the weight of the scene and thus have time to apply detail to those areas that could be more visible points of the final image.

The lighting

Following the same dynamic, I applied some exterior lights, and interior and volumetric effects. Nothing special in the settings or advanced lighting techniques.

The materials

It is important to mention that because I had so many references for materials, as well as details of reaction under the light, darkness and dirt, I had a lot of help me to create the materials I was looking for. It is important to mention that initially I used matte materials to see the composition of colors to use, and then I was detailing the materials to a degree that convinced me visually.

The composition

This point I think is the most important, because despite being a very simple scene, it seems more complex than it actually is. I explored several compositions, but I found them boring or very predictable. I even decided to look for a different frame to give certain movement to the scene, and basically that was the one I liked.


This point is very important, because you can see that there is a great difference between the beauty pass and the final image; contrasts, details, noise and others effects help the image. The idea from the beginning was to look for something more cinematic.


As a conclusion, I want to mention that taking some control of the process allowed me to take time in all the steps, as well as the large number of references I used to help create materials. Most of the time was more focused on concept and composition. I share the scene now to see show simple it is, and well I think it is only an image with an interesting frame.

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