Making Of 'Afterburn Fireball'

First of all you have to create a basic particle system.
Press "6" on your keyboard to get to the particle control and create a standard flow like you see on the picture below.

Now create a sphere on your viewport and right click on it, select properties and deselect renderable.

Now switch back to the particle view (press "6")
Set the following settings:.

Now its time to switch back to the viewport and create a force wind (settings for the force wind are, Strength = 0,3 and 0,6, Decay = 0, Turbulence = 0,02 , Frequency = 2,02 and finally scale to 0,35.



Add the sphere to your particle system (Position Object) and the force to your particle system (Force) like you see on the picture below.

position object.


make the following settings under "delete".

now you should have something like this.

Next you have to create a spot light and enable cast shadow(shadow type is AB Ray Trace Shadow).

Now press "8" to go to your environment and choose add.

Here you click on Afterburn.

Now under Afterburn manager select your particle system and your light.

Now click on "show viewport".

and you should see something like this.

Now click on "self shadow".

and make a test render(now my max crashed for the first time).

Next step we will create some variations in the smoke look
Move down to Particle Shape/Animation parameter

Set the following settings: under low value set 0,8, then right click on afc and enable it, and finally under Hi value set 30.

then click on the afc and change the curve to that.

Now get down to the Noise Animation Parameter and set the Noise Level to 8 and the noise size to 1
To the noise size

Right click on afc and enable it, than insert a value of 10-12 in the High value field.

Now its time to set the falloff type to cubic.

Now make a test render, here is my result.

Under Type set the FBm Turbulence and a level of detail about 2,6.

Switch to density

and also change the shading type to lambert

change the Light scattering to Rayleigh

Now its time to add some fire to the smoke
go to the create panel, helpers and choose from the drop down menu After Burn Demons and drop the explode icon on your viewport.

Set the following settings for the explode (click on it and watch your panel).

Now add the explode source to afterburn.

now click on the colour and make following settings.

now set the multiplyer to 7.

Now set the color shift key to 0,2 and enable afc
make that curve

also enable the second afc and set the second value to 5

Set following settings under the Pertutabtion Tab

and last but not least hit F9 to render

here is mine.

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