Making of 'A Walther P99'


I wanted to re-create the gun as accurately as I could, so I started looking for information on the gun. I found a few useful images and pdf's on the Walther website. I also bought a authentic replica of the gun (BBgun) which was very helpful to understand the shape of the gun.


Using a drawing of the section of the gun, I started with the easiest part, the top of the gun which is mostly made of flat faces

Starting with the front-end, the middle, and then the back.

With the way that part of the gun is, I did not have to use too many faces.

The rear of the gun, which we don't see in the final image and I started adding some details.

And here is the overall of the top part.

I then started modeling the bottom of the gun. Since it was more organic, I used subpatch.

The main shape is now finished. You can see the mesh without subpatch to understand the wiring better.

To add details to the grip, I froze the subpatch into real polygons (ctrl+d). Then using temporary objects, I did a few booleans.

Same thing for the front of the grip. Multiple booleans used there too.

More details on the grip, the balls could have been created with textures but I thought it would look better modeled as it's close to the camera.

Adding details to the trigger area, the trigger itself is made with subpatch then froze, then I did a few booleans.

The gun is now, fully modeled.


About Texturing, the gun has mainly 2 kinds of black, the bottom one which is bumped, and the top one which is smooth.

Texture for bottom:

Texture for top:

For the top texture, I added in the color channel with 2 extra layers, the first one is an alpha which is going to show the layer below. That alpha layer is "metal_logo" which is going to add the logo to the top-right of the gun.

All the texts on the gun were created like this. An alpha for text and a gradient layer under it.

This allows me to change the hue and intensity of the text in real time in Fprime.

I also added the same map in the bump channel, as "additive". metal1.jpg and metal2.jpg are textures I made especially for that gun, created from a photo of the real gun itself and the bb gun one I have.

Here is the gun textured by itself.

Setting up the Scene

The Scene itself is pretty simple,

The glass is a simple lathe of a martini glass profile. For its texture, I used the realistic glass tutorial from the web using gradients for transparency and reflections. But if I would do it now, I would probably use the fresnel or dielectric material in the node editor.

The casino chips and cards were created to look like the ones from the Casino Royale movie. Nothing hard there expect trying to find out the correct proportion of the chips. For the table, I used a few 3Dtotal textures; the wood is from CD 12 (italy019.jpg) and the yellow trim from CD 03 (ye011.jpg)

Rendering, the scene is using backdrop radiosity, no bounce. 12rays. 1 area light is used to create the light from the lamp to create a soft shadow. A low-intensity spotlight on the left of the camera adds extra blue color.
For the Depth of field, I used Focal distance of 385mm, with a F-stop of 5.

Don't forget to use the real-time DOF

Final wireframe.

Final render at night.

Final render daytime (using fprime monte-carlo and a HDRI map)

Final black and white image, from the daytime version, I just removed the colors and adjusted the levels in Photoshop.

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