Making a Grille mesh

Okay lets make a Grille!

Start up 3dsmax and make/open your object where u want to have the grille placed, in my case a bumper.

After you have done that, go to the command panel, Select the mouse pointer, and click Shape. Drag a Line

Click now the modify, next to the mouse pointer in the command panel. And fill this in:

Thickness - 1,16 ( you can use more or less. Just how u want it)
Sides - 4
Angle - 0,00

And check Display Render Mesh.

Now the hard part

Select the line, Shift drag it to the right or the left. And once again, move it how u want it. When u release your mouse button you get a nice little pop-up. Choose > Object- Instance and number of copies, just around 200, just that you have enough.

We are almost there!

Ok, now press the Mirror button. Mirror axis- X , Clone Selection- Copy

Select one Line, press right mouse button. Search Convert and then Click Edit poly. Now go to the command panel, select Modify (the one next to the mouse pointer. You still have one Line selected) Scroll down and search for Attach. Press next to Attach. Then with Shift (hold it) and select al the Line's. Press button Attach.

Are we there yet? Almost

Don't leave the command panel. Press 1, its located on your Keyboard. Now scroll down in the command panel, search for Quickslice. Look to the image and you will understand where to place it! Do it on both sides

When you done that, Select the vertexes, left and right from the slice we just made! And delete those

Ok this is cool. But I want a curve in it! Let's do that, go to the command panel (Modify, the one next to the mouse pointer.) Select your grille. and in the command you will see, Modifier List. Press it, and you get a whole list with stuff, search for FFD 4x4x4. Now you will see Editable Poly and FFD 4x4x4, Press the + in front off FFD 4x4x4. You get 3 options now, select Control points. And now make that curve. Do it only with Fully selected left/right side. Or those two Fully selected middle.

Tweak it to make the best curve, not like this one above.

If you followed the tutorial above complete. You can get this as a end result

Good luck! Thank you for reading this tutorial

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