Lighting and Rendering in V-Ray - Interior

In this tutorial you will learn how to light and set up a realistic render with V-Ray 2.0 and 3ds Max 2011. We will also look at how to use IES lights, set lighting with V-Ray sun and V-Ray sky, use the V-Ray physical camera, and set up your render.
To start I have used V-Ray plane lights, V-Ray sun and sky, photometric IES lights and V-Ray camera. I used three plane lights for each window. All the lights have the same settings, which you can see in the right-hand panel of Fig.01. This is how it looks from the top view.

Fig.01 - click to enlarge

As I mentioned before, I have also used V-Ray sun and sky, and this is the position for the V-Ray sun and the settings (Fig.02).

Fig.02 - click to enlarge

Now this it is time for the V-Ray camera - here are the settings (Fig.03).


For the indoor lighting I used the photometric IES lighting with V-Ray. I did not use the V-Ray IES because the standard photometric lights have more customizable settings/parameters. All the photometric lights have the same settings; this is a screenshot of all the IES lights in the scene and the settings (Fig.04).

Fig.04 - click to enlarge

And this is what the IES look like (Fig.05).



We are done with the lighting part here, so let's look at the render settings. I usually use brute force, but this time I was looking for some fast render times. Using an Irradiance map and Light Cache is much faster than using Light Cache and brute force, and this is the render set up with V-Ray (Fig.06).

Fig.06 - click to enlarge

If you want to speed up the render time using this setting, go to the Settings tab and in the Global Subdivision Multiplier change the 3 to a 1.

In Photoshop I did some color correction, chromatic aberration and sharpen - nothing more. And here's the final render (Fig.07).


I hope that you have learned something from this brief tutorial and if you have any questions then please feel free to contact me.

Here are some other renders from this project (Fig.08 - 10).





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