Know the Basics: Unreal Engine video tutorial round-up

Check out Rob Redman's 19-part video tutorial series for the free game creation software, Unreal Engine - helping you create a level from start to finish...

Want to make games? Earlier this year we ran a Know the Basics series for Epic's free software, Unreal Engine, teaching you everything you needed to know to get up and running, shooting, vaulting and exploring. To make things even easier, we've collated them below, so you can jump straight to the topic you're having trouble with. Get creative!

Part 1: Setting up a new project
Part 2: Introducing materials and landscapes

Part 3: Adding foliage and rocks

Part 4: Particle smoke
Part 5: Introducing the skybox

Part 6: Setting up cameras and post-effects
Part 7: Teleporters

Part 8: Adding random assets
Part 9: Destruction

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