Know the basics: Blender Part 5: Shading

Pierrick Picaut takes you through the must-know basics of Blender. In part 5 - Learn about shading with cycles

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Blender is a great 3D software option but most people underrate its incredible power and comparability to commercial suites. This is the very first video of a brand new series introducing Blender. Know the basics: Blender is a series that is suitable for the absolute beginner trying out 3D modeling for the very first time. You can download this amazing software for free here.

A good material can push your model to the next level while a bad one can totally destroy a great scene. In this video we'll see how the Node Editor works with the Blender Cycles render engine. We will study the basis of material creation through some experimentation to understand how we can combine shaders using nodes and textures.

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