Know the basics: Blender Part 4: Lighting

Pierrick Picaut takes you through the must-know basics of Blender. In part 4 - Learn about the fundamentals of lighting

Blender is a great 3D software option but most people underrate its incredible power and comparability to commercial suites. This is the fourth video of the series introducing Blender. Know the basics: Blender is a series that is suitable for the absolute beginner trying out 3D modeling for the very first time. You can download this amazing software for free here.

In this part we'll learn about basics of lighting in the Blender Cycles render engine. Lighting is fundamental in 3D as nothing would show without it, but moreover it's a form of art itself and you'll often find specialized lighting artists.

In this video, I'll show you the different lamps used in Blender and other lighting items; then we'll have a do at three point lighting on a model.

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