Know the basics: Blender Part 2: Modeling

Pierrick Picaut takes you through the must-know basics of Blender. In part 2 - Learn about modeling

Blender is a great 3D software option but most people underrate its incredible power and comparability to commercial suites. This is the second installment the Know the Basics: Blender series that is suitable for the absolute beginner trying out 3D modeling for the very first time. You can download this amazing software for free here. In this second batch of videos we will look at the basics of mesh modeling.

Video 01:

Most of the 3D polygonal software tends to manipulate vertices, edges, faces along with normals.... Well, in part 2 we'll learn how to "draw" our 3D objects. In the first video we'll start editing our object and learn how to change the geometry.

Video 02:

In this video we'll learn about the basic tools of mesh editing to enhance your editing speed and accuracy.

Video 03:

In this video we'll learn about selections, hiding and displays to enhance your ability to isolate/select whatever you want in the viewport when editing a mesh object.

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