Fake GI

In this simple tutorial, I am going to explain how to make a ''Fake Global'' illumination (Fake GI) without using any 3rd party render which nearly is the same quality as using GI's but less time consuming to render.

Ok, Change the selection ALL (see image below) into lights which will help the selection of light. Use the Move tool to move the lights. Gizmo X, Y, Z, to move the light to the precise position.

Now create a Target Direct light in the viewport.

Set the Target Direct light to (0, 0) in X, Y, Z gizmo.

Then set the Direct as well to (0, 0) in X,Y,Z gizmo. After that drag it to X gizmo using move tool.

Select the light (the target and the direct*), then group it

Go to Top Viewport, set the pivot this time to (0, 0) in Y gizmo. Make sure the affect pivot only is active. Then Deactivate after you finish setting it. (In Tab Hierarchy)

Done. Set the group gizmo, then we copy the lights in instance using the Array tool. (Tools > Array) Settings refer to the image

Go to Top Viewport, select all the lights except the Target. (Ungroup all the lights first) The easier way is ungroup all the lights > CTRL + A> hold ALT + select all the Targets.

After doing this, select the Directs, copy it to Y gizmo and use instance copy. (Front Viewport) Then copy it again once more, scale it until it looks like the shape of a dome. For a better results, add 1 direct above the dome by select 1 direct copy instance and move it upward and set the Gizmo X & Y to (0,0).

Light settings.

Rendering results

Tips for a better shadows result:

- Make sure the light is in right position.
- Directional parameters, try to adjust falloff/field till you get the good shadows.
- Shadow map parameters, increase the sample range for a better shadows. (set it around 32 - 40+)

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