Exterior Render - Mental Ray Render

This is a tutorial how to make a exterior lightning and render with mental ray . This scene was modeled in 3D max 7 and rendered with mental ray 3.4, the unit is in meter.

For this tutorial's purpose, I modeled a simple scene with some boxes (simulating the buildings...).

Sunlight: I used a Mr Spot Light, placed it far away from the building, then adjusted the Hotspot/Falloff, as you can see below.

Skylight: place a Skylight above 'the building' . Here is the setting for skylight and Mr spot light.

Render: now, we are ready to render. Here's setting for render : (you can increase the FG value to get higher quality).

Result: (render size 600 x 450).

Post-work: I used photoshop to add the background , color balance, depth of field,etc....

Thank you for taking time read this tutorial. If you find any problems about the tutorial, contact me at my email : kehaola@gmail.com.

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