Digital Painting from an illustration

For starters this is a tutorial on how to complete a digital painting from a illustration very quickly. My example is a background design layout. I chose to use Adobe Photoshop 6 but you can do this in version 6 or 7

Step 1

First scan in your drawing at 300 DPI. That is usually what I scan it in at. This makes it easier to paint later on because you can zoom in really far without getting nasty pixelation

Step 2

Next you want to crop your drawing the way you want it to be, I chose to crop mine like this

Step 3

Make a duplicate copy of your background layer by right clicking it and selecting duplicate layer

Step 4

Now delete your original background layer so all u have left is the copy

Step 5

Next create a new layer

Step 6

Drag your new layer underneath your background layer like so

After you drag it underneath that layer it should look like this

Step 7

Now is the important step go above your layers and set your background layer to multiply instead of normal like this

Step 8

To get the painting done quickly I would suggest working monochromatically. This would mean all in one colour. I started out by colouring the whole canvas a medium blue color

Step 9

This is where you want to get loose and the most fun part about the painting. Grab a dark shade of your chosen colour and fill in all of your dark areas. It is good to have a light source in mind that way you can tell where your shadows or dark parts of your painting will be

I like to work dark to light it is very fun that way. After you are all done you should have something like this

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