Creature concepting in ZBrush

A turntable of Kurt Papstein's Valentine Boar

A turntable of Kurt Papstein's Valentine Boar

ZBrush artist Kurt Papstein reveals his creature concepting techniques in a fantastic video guide, complete with captions to show the tools used to craft this epic beast. Enjoy!

This making of video shows the entire creation process of a creature concept created in ZBrush, now known as the Valentine Boar. The video comes complete with captions to describe the tools and techniques used along the way. At about 8 mins 30 secs you'll see I use ZRemesh and Projection Master – at that point I'm no longer using DynaMesh.

The making of Valentine Boar

This is the Valentine Boar. It confuses and surprises its prey with its large head crest and tendrils. It's called the Valentine Boar for its heart-shaped hood and strong red colors, most prominent during mating season. Extremely territorial!

The making of Valentine Boar in ZBrush by Kurt Papstein, February 2014

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