Create a ring of fire with FumeFX

Matteo Migliorini describes how to create a realistic ‘ring of fire' effect using FumeFX, 3ds Max and NUKE

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a realistic fire effect with 3ds Max, FumeFX and NUKE. I will cover my RnD on many aspects such as; lighting and animation of objects on a path, then progress to a large section dedicated to the FumeFX plug-in, and finally conclude with a study of compositing in NUKE. The video is a few long minutes so you can jump to more relevant points if you wish:

00:00 – Introduction/Overview
01:25 – Scene and lighting setting
06:35 – Setting of PFlow for FumeFx
09:46 – Setting FumeFx
26:21 – Compositing inside NUKE

Tips & Tricks: Fire

Video created with 3ds Max, FumeFx and NUKE for a personal project

RnD Ring of Fire – Final

The final output of my RnD. I used 3ds Max for Pflow and the Scanline renderer; FumeFx for simulation of fluid; and NUKE for compositing

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