Box Modeling - Video Tutorials

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This is a four part video series which covers many techniques that will help you develop confidence when it comes to modelling characters, animals - or whatever! We mainly focus on elements like ensuring sound topology, how to generate successful creases in your mesh, and the importance of studying anatomy. We will not go into great detail concerning every aspect of modelling a character from start to finish, I have other videos for that, but rather look at this as a nice springboard for those who catch onto principals quickly, and a great first step for everyone else.

Part 1

Duration: 54 minutes 14 seconds - File Size: 255mb

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Part 2

Duration: 83 minutes 23 seconds - File Size: 422mb

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Part 3

Duration: 57 minutes 7seconds - File Size: 284mb

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Part 4

Duration: 19 minutes 24 seconds - File Size: 99.2mb

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