Animation setup for phone cord

Setup for Phone cord: Shape/ffd and cluster

First, do the Christer Bjorklund's tutorial, so you have the scene here.

1: Select the curve1 (correspond at the shape of the object) and translate it on X axis : 3 (easier to create the setup and to animate it)

2: Go to animation menu (F2) and with curve selected, go to Deform -> Create Lattice -> box option and enter in the Basic / Divisions tab :2, 5, 2.

In fact, only the fifth digit is important, because we are going to attach a cluster on each ffd point.

3: Select the Ffd1 Lattice in your Outliner and right click in your openGl view, and select in your menu : Lattice point.

4: Next, we must attach a cluster for each lattice point to control the object deformation. Select the first Lattice point and go to animation menu (F2): Deform -> Create cluster
5a: Repeat this action for all five lattice points: (attach one cluster for each lattice point).

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5b: Normally, we should have something like that!!

6: Now, select your cluster to deform and animate your object!

You're done!

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