Adding Fur to a Tennis Ball

For the textures and fur I added two Spherical Mapping nodes to the ball. The UV Layout is shown in this image.

Then I made a color texture that looks like this.

While i was at it I made an alpha map for the Fur Baldness. Basically it's white where the fur is visible and black where it's not. :)

And a bump map.

Apply the textures to the tennisball and tweak it to your liking. Now it's time to apply the fur. Select the tennisball and in the Fur Shelf, click the Duckling preset. In the Hypershade, create a new file texture and apply the Fur Baldness map to it. Now with the FurDescription1 node in the attribute editor, MMB drag the baldness texture File node and drop it on to the Baldness attribute in the FurDescription1 node. The Baldness texture will now decide where the fur will and will not appear on the ball. Hopefully it will appear in the yellow color only. :)
Now.. It's also important that you Hit the Bake button at the top of the Fur Description. (You will have to Bake every time you update or add a new texture to one of a FurDecription attribute.) You might also want to set the Map Width and Height to at least 512.

Now it's time to start to play around with the FurDescription Attributes. That's what I did. Tweak, render, tweak, render for a good while.
You can click on the image to the right to see what settings I used.

Now all you have to do is set up some lights and render.. Seeyoulaterbye! ;)

If you are interested; here is a zip'ed scene-file used in the tutorial. You can download WinZip from to unpack it. Enjoy! :)

To see how I have UV Mapped the tennisball for the fur you can view this movie which shows you how.
Video root url:

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