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Making Of 'The Post Apocalyptic Hunter'

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Date Added: 18th December 2009
Software used:


Hi everybody!
First of all: Please excuse any mistakes in spelling and grammar, this is not my mother-tongue, so be mercyful, ok?
When I was asked to write this making-of, I didn't really know what to write about to be honest.I always think that my modeling-technique is so obvious that there's not much to say about it! But the day "the hunter"
got published in the 3DTotal-Gallery, I received 52 (!) eMails from users who had questions about the modeling, the materials, the rigging etc... Oh yes, I answered almost all of them, as I promised. I got serious trouble with my boss.

So I decided to build this making-of on these questions and to link them to something like a tutorial (it's my first tutorial and it might be a bit confusing.. I'll do my best ok?). I thought this might be much more interesting for you than a tutorial that's concentrating on one or two "uninteresting" points...

This making-of is going to touch areas like "the basic idea","basic modeling","basic materials","how to create it in a way that it can move", and it will also include some general tips which you might find useful.

BUT: This is NOT (not not not!!) going to be a "step-by-step" tutorial "from box to bot" or something like that.
So you should already know the basics in your modeling software. It doesn't matter which software you're using. Every 3D-Package has it's pros and cons and its totally up to you what you're doing with it! I hate discussions like "What's better: Max or Maya? Or Lightwave? Or Softimage? Or..or..or.."
I've seen pictures made with freeware-progs that were better than some of the stuff made with "professional" software...honestly.
I'm using Max5.1 and many free-plugins for max as well. You can find all free-plugins that you might need for this tutorial here:
My hardware is: AthlonXP 2600+, 1 Gig Ram, Radeon9800.
This making-of is made for beginners and advanced artists, so if you're a professional or an advanced advanced: Don't waste your time, you already know everything
OK then! Can we start? Here we go...


Chapter 1 - The Idea behind it

The Idea behind it
"I'm going to create a robot? Ok then! Take a box for the head, one for the body, 2 for the arms and 2 for the legs and you're finished!"

No, you're not.

Before I start modeling, I already know what I'm going to create. This is the best part of it! Don't miss it! You can create EVERYTHING you want!! So why create something like a rubber-duck or a coffee-machine! (unless you love rubber-ducks and coffee-machines, don't get me wrong.
Well, I love Sci-Fi. I know that many people make scribblings of their models before they start and I believe that this is an excellent way to start! I'm not doing this, I prefer to imagine the model, model the basic shape, print it out on the good old paper and then draw on it, adding details and correcting proportions etc.

So I knew what I wanted to create. A post apocalyptic character. A robot. A robot, that has to use modern weapons, built of scrap-metal and classic-style weapons! A character that looks like it's at least 15 years old and still working...
I wanted to create a humanoid robot-creature... a martial-arts fighter! - so that was enough for me to start. I could imagine it...

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Adrian on Mon, 22 April 2013 8:34am
Hey mate, thanks for all that, switched to 3ds max from blender 3 months ago and this actualy helped a lot!
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