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Making Of 'Behind The Years'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:


This is my first tutorial...I will show you the making of my latest scene "Behind The Years", I done the scene with 3dsmax 6, Vray and Photoshop. It'll contain modelling, texturing, lighting, rendering and post production...Not very detailed, but I hope it's useful


Modelling part is professional stuff to do, just basics...

Sofas: Cushions are just boxes ( Length:70 ,Width:70 ,Height:14 ) segments:( Length:23, Width:18, Height:5) and a couple displace modifiers applied to give the cushions a realistic look, I used a Bitmap images that I made in Photoshop for the Bitmap slots, then I tweak with the axis until I reach the desired result.

933_tid_Displace1.jpg 933_tid_Displace2.jpg
Pillows are also boxes ( Length:30, Width:30, Height:0.5 ) segments:( Length:11, Width:12, Height:1), with the same displace modifiers that I used for cushions but with different Bitmaps.

Table: The table is easy, just several chamfered boxes, with a boolean at the top for the glass.

Curtain: The curtain is just a plane with cloth modifier, then animated with reactor to give it seamless shape.

Door: A box with editable mesh modifier to give it those beveled and extruded faces and chamfered edges.

The stuff on the table are also simple: the coffee cup is a lathed line, the book is boxes with editable mesh, the glasses are just two circles and 3 modified lines with renderable checked on.

Chandelier: I started with a simple line then modified it, at the top I created a tube with a taper modifier
at the base of the tube I created a simple torus, and finally arrayed them around the center. Maybe you are wondering about the plants...well, plants are not models, they are Bitmaps from Total Textures v10 CD.



When it comes to texturing, I keep looking for the right colours, imagining how the colours will get together, I chose several textures from Total Textures V6, it contains the best high quality and high resolution textures. Also nothing professional here, just some Multi/Sub object materials and several UVW mapping.

Here are thumbnails for the Total Textures v6 that I used:

933_tid_TEX1.jpg 933_tid_TEX2.jpg 933_tid_TEX3.jpg 933_tid_TEX4.jpg 933_tid_TEX5.jpg

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