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Making Of 'Caterham'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:
I'm 23 years old and I have been into 3d since 2002, fascinated by my interest in 3d video games which was booming at that time. For the first few years I was just trying it out not to seriously and like most beginners in 3d I focused my time in learning modeling, maybe for to long, before I realized that texturing, lighting, and rendering skills was also important/ more important in creating good 3d scenes. Recently I got a job doing minor / light 3d work. Luckily the job gave me an opportunity to advance my 3d knowledge because I had free access to the web threw the office computer.
Before I started this scene I wanted to try to make a scene witch I could use all of what I have learned. I was also excited to try out Brazil which my friend had recommended for its quick and powerful materials, lighting and rendering system.


The idea for this scene came from a Caterham model that I saw at a hobby store a few weeks before. So the next time I went there I had to buy it. I was hoping to find a blueprint of the model car in the box but it wasn't there! So I had to build the model first and measure each object.

I then modeled the separated objects starting out using simple box and cylinders then turning it into an editable poly. Where I used the extrude, bevel, chamfer, cut, and slice tools to get the right topology. Finally I added a meshsmooth separately to each object of the car. I also used layers to manage the different parts of the car

For the tires I started out making it from a box, then deleted the bottom and frt/back faces that I didn't need. I used the cut tool to create the treads pattern, also trying to keep it clean. Then I extruded the selected polys and chamfered the edges to smoothen the edge (I did not want to add a meshmooth to the tire). I then copied it about 15 times and attached them all together. I then added a bend modifier to the tire objects making it into a cylinder.


Usually that would be it for the modeling part for me, but this time I wanted to make an environment for the caterham. I searched for any reference pics using google image search. And I found that most caterham images had the car in a country road environment. So that was what I wanted to make.

908_tid_image06.jpg 908_tid_image07.jpg

908_tid_image08.jpg 908_tid_image09.jpg

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Meddi on Tue, 08 May 2012 10:16am
Nicely done buddy...
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