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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:
Hello all of you guy and girls out there! Today we are going to create Fireworks working with 3D Studio Max 6, Particle Flow. Now Particle Flow is a new particle system that was introduced to us only in Max 6, there for this tutorial can be done in Max 6 only! Well let's not waste our time and jump right into it.

Step 1


1st step of course would be to create a particle flow with following settings.

And in Particle View you should see something like this.

Step 2

Now let's edit Birth Settings to following (left image).

Step 3

Edit Speed Settings too.

Step 4

Here are the Rotation Settings.

Step 5

Last one to change is Display.

Step 6

Now add an Age Test right underneath Display. Set "Test Value" to "75" and "Variation" to "20" and make sure that "Is Greater Than Test Value" and "Subframe Sampling" are both checked.


Step 7 

OK now let's add Spawn.


And here are the settings for it.

Step 8

Now add Speed and connect it with Spawn. Make sure that both Speed and Variation are set to "0". Set Display's Type to dots, color change to red, and make sure Visible % is set
to 100.


Step 9

Also add Delete event right after Speed but before Display, change it to "By Particles" and Life Span set to 15, Variation 10.

Step 10

Create a camera and add Shape Facing event chouse camera in it, make sure that "In world Space" is set to "10".

Step 11

Add Spawn event to your Particle Flow and connect it with Age test. Set the Display type to Dots, 100% Visibility and change it to white color.


Here are the Spawn settings.

Part 2

Step 12

Add a Speed event to your particle view. Make sure that you set it to Random 3D, "Speed 230", Variation "0".

Step 13

Now let's add Shape Facing set it to Camera this time too. In World Space should be set to 1 this time.

Step 14

In Your scene somewhere create a gravity set it to 0.1 or 0.2 (I usually use 0.15). And show particle flow that you have gravity in your scene by adding Force event. Make sure you lover the influence to 700% or so...

Step 15

Don't forget to add a Delete event, setting it to "By Particle" and both Life Span and Variation set to "0".

Step 16

Another Spawn even should be added right after delete. Here are the setting that I use there.

Step 17

Now lets add one more separated Speed event to our flow and link it with Spawn. Set all values exept Seed to "0".

Step 18

Set Display color to blue and add Delete event in between Speed and Display. Config. Delete to "By Particle Age", Life Span "20", Variation "10".


Step 19

Put "Shape Facing" event, Make sure "In world Space" is "8" and set it to look at your camera again.

Step 20

Also let's add some "Force" to it. Select same gravity we had before but make sure you change Influence % to "100".

Ok now we are pretty much done with particles. How ever if you render it it'll look something like this. Eeww! Ugly! can't live you like this can I? Let's do some texturing!

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MP on Thu, 05 January 2012 8:35am
@Author: What are the Spawn02 settings? You don't seem to have them there :S @Jon, right click on Diffuse Colour in the Maps Rollout, click Copy, then scroll upto Self-Ilumination in same Rollout, right click on it, Paste (Instance)
Jon on Sun, 25 December 2011 6:31pm
"Now make an Instance from Diffuse Color to Self - Illumination." i dont ktow where do this i click in maps in self illumination and have something different
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