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Making Of 'The Gates of Hell'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:
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The Concept

The Gates of Hell was created for the 38th 3Dluvr contest entitled "the gates", which got 3rd place. I was wondering how many people in the contest would make the gates of hell and how would be the most obvious representation. I remembered Rodin's the gates of hell. I wanted to make the gates of hell but not the gates of hell of the hell itself, I wanted one gate sculpted in stone, but still very scary. Something high detailed, like baroque ornaments.

One of the first concept I drew the umbral with a lot of serpents

(the serpents has a lot of symbology in mythology and religions), then with confused details of rock and mystic ornaments and finally with a lot of nude human bodies representing their souls trying to move up to the paradise (or get out the hell). Mixing the concepts and re-elaborating some parts, I got the whole gate concept finished.





Planning stages

The planning is generally an underestimated process of execution, but in the gates of hell I had to take care in a special way as it was cleary very complex to manage (the final concept had the umbral filled with human figures, and a human figure requires a mininum number os polys to be recognized)

The first main problem I had was about human figures and how to manage the polycount and still position the figures, arrange elements and the realtime viewport continues at an acceptable frame rate. The other problem was the time, I had the contest deadline to meet. So I decided to start from the most complex part, I started modelling the human figure and use the layer system to manage. Is crucial to solve the problemas when working with complex projects.

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Edgardo Ruedas on Sun, 13 August 2017 4:09pm
What can I do to own this image? I want to use it for an album cover! Please contact at
Fact Checker's Corrector on Sat, 05 August 2017 3:08am
@Fact Checker - When you try Googling a picture next, find actual proof. The so called "last door" pictures are all modified images of this guys artwork. He created it in 2009; way before the mock story of the door started circulating. Please learn to check actual FACTS. @MarioRusso - Incredible work bro! You know you've done well if groups of people truly believe it is a real actual item :)
Fact Checker on Wed, 14 June 2017 11:38pm
That door is found in India's Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple.
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