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Making Of 'La Hacienda'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:
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Hi there! Walking around I stepped in to a Guillermo Fernandez de Castro's Lithography, and a thought came to my mind: "that can be a nice render" and that's the inspiration for this tutorial. This scene took about 2 months of work, basically because I was using only my free time to work on it. I'll explain how it was made focusing in 3 important points: modeling, texturing, and lighting. If you take a closer look to the final render, you'll notice that the scene has a very simple structure, the walls, that are simple Editable Poly boxes with connected segments to create the windows and walls, just in case I needed to make some holes on them.

Once I finished the basic structure, that will define the proportion of the scene, I started to work on the balcony, and
alike all the work here, it's constructed by simple geometry. First I created the boxes that will define the floor, after that I installed the thin bars for the railway, wich are evenly spaced instanced splines.

801_tid_04.jpg 801_tid_05.jpg

After the balcony was finished, the next step was to create the larger wood elements, you need to be very careful to make
sure everything has chamfer edges and none of the elements are perfect, because of this I applied a noise modifier to
all the pieces, with this in mind I could add some chaos on the scene. I created groups of chamfered boxes and some other pieces with noise applied so I can use them later in the scene.

A very important point with the noise modifier is to use different seeds and roughness so the pieces dont look similar.

Once this was finished the hard (and tedious) work began, I had to model all the stones for the windows frames, doors and columns. Of course you also have to take special care with chanfers/bevels in the rock pieces; for some of the pieces i used a spline creation method and then a bevel modifier did the part of both: extruding and beveling.


In certain part of the columns i used a TAPER modifier to add variation.


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