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Making Of 'Marvin'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:
Marvin. Our little depressed robot . This is a model which I made in about two or three hours, I always loose count.

Stage One: Making Marvin's head

This process was very simple and involved box modeling or in this case a sphere with 64 segments. I started of using 64 because I wouldn't need to add a mesh smooth modifier to it, since I was going to use the Boolean tool on the head. As you can see in the picture I created a box and then added the bend modifier. Then applied this to Marvin's head ( the sphere ). The line going across Marvin's face was slightly bent giving him emotion, with so little effort. This was why the bend modifier was applied. I also created another box and shaped it to match the look of Marvin's eyes as in the reference picture which I was using. I converted box one to Polygonal modeling >Attached the second box to it. Selected the sphere at this point and hit Boolean. Very simple to make and needs no great effort since Marvin's face (if we can call it one) does not move.

You can also see in the second picture the additional detail added to Marvin's head such as the side, and the texture which was applied to the model while building it. This is usually a good thing to do it the model is simple and you work quick.


Stage Two: Making Marvin's chest

I started of doing this by creating a box, very simple and with very few segments. That way I can adjust it as much as I want when it is converted into Polygonal modeling. The first thing I do is delete half of the box. The second thing that I did was delete the top area, since this is where other objects must be placed, also the bottom and the side was deleted. Making a very rough box chest. Imagine a person wearing a card board box, and that the top has a hole in it, for the persons neck, the side has a hole in it, big enough for the arms to fit threw and the bottom for the waist. My niece seems to enjoy this for hours on end, pretending that she is some sort of robot. But in 3D this box is not yet refined as vertices, lines and Polygons need to be moved around to get the right shape of Marvin's chest. After some time and adjustments the chest should look as the one in the picture. Then add a Symmetry tool to it, then a shell tool and the last thing was adding mesh smooth. This was the way all the parts for this depressed robot were made. If the chest didn't look right I would turn the mesh smooth off and carry on adjusting. For a model such as did I did not place a reference picture in the actual scene but looked from time to time at a picture on Windows Picture Viewer. I think it is good practice if you do some models this way (simple ones) because your visual memory improves and you get used to working in a 3D environment a lot easier.


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Trillian on Wed, 24 February 2016 5:19pm
Hey! Thanks, for that! Well, I'm doing a cosplay of Marvin and this helped me a lot! Greets, and don't panic! *praise for DNA*
Wendell on Sun, 26 February 2012 9:05pm
hey!!!1 he is great i will try to do it. it looks easy.
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