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Render effects scripts

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:
Hello and welcome to my render effects scripts tutorial. Did you know that there are a quite a few render effects scripts that come with 3D Studio Max 6? Well they're located in the max root folder/scripts/pluginscripts

Well in this tutorial I'm going to show you them and what they do!

Don't know how to run scripts? Well i'm going to teach you. Open max, then click "MAXScript" at the top tool bar, then click "Run Script..." after go to the pluginscripts folder and select a script.
Don't know where or what the script just did? Well go to the "Effects" menu under the "Rendering" drop down list and click "Add"

Ok now that you know how to use scripts, lets see what they do!

But before we do that here's my teapot test scene with not effects added to it so we can use it as reference to see exactly what the effects do.

First up is the "16 X 9 Effect"

This one only has 2 options. "Top/Bottom cropping", which just says how big the border will be and the other option is the "Border Colour". Guess what that does :p

This effect adds letter box borders and that's all


The next effect is "Checkerize"

It has 3 options, "Checker size", "Checker Colour" and "Alpha Value" I'm pretty sure that those don't need explanation.

This Effect adds a checker effect to the image, I'm not sure why you would want to apply it, but it could be good if you're in an artsy mood or something.


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