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Modelling J-N3-R

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:
Hi kids. many people ask me how do i work on my models(modeling, texturing,etc...), so i decided to do a short demonstrative project to show that it isn't hard to model, well not how i do it. This is not a step by step tutorial, this is made mostly for newbies in 3d that are lost in the vast worl of 3d without knowing how other people do their stuff. If you are not a newbie and you are still interested in the content of this document, be my guest to tell me any suggestions, any kind. Itll be good to know your opinion. Ok enough yadda yadda.(i'll try to stay as general as possible because nobody has the same software but the basics of 3d are almost the same).-The day I decided to do this my mind was blank, then I saw a sketch by a guy named Jenner and he offered it for everyone to model, so I did, but I made lots of modifications to the original design.

1. The Helmet

703_tid_image_p1_2.jpg 703_tid_image_p1_3.jpg 703_tid_image_p1_4.jpg

I started the head with a cube with 2 hight segments. I reduced the top and applyed smooth. as you can see the minimum smoooth possible gave me a bit more polys to model and also the almost rounded shape. Before this I erased the bottom face of the cube, because if i hadn't erased it, the cube would be a ball by now.

I made more divisions along the horizontal edges for more control (mantaining the edge loop). At this point a copy of this mesh is going to be convenient. Then i decided to make it like a helmet so I needed a hole in the face area. I erased the faces that conformed that area and moved the vertices so the shape would look rounder. I selected the edges that comform that hole and extrude them inside the helmet several times to get a smooth curvature when smoothing, that is kind of a rule in edge loop modeling and polygon deforming. To have a smooth curve there must be at least 3 control edges.(about edge loops HERE).

Every thing else you see in the helmet is an extrusion., If your software doesn't extrude edges then don't erase the faces, a good trick to manage this is to merge all the faces of the extrude selection, so there aren't lots of vertices to move around.


2. The Body

703_tid_image_p1_6.jpg 703_tid_image_p1_7.jpg

As you can see the body is basicaly a chubby cylinder so I grabbed a primitive cylinder with 5 hight segments and 12 sections. (fairly low poly).

Once I had this placed, I beveled the faces were the arm holes will be, I beveled several times so I could get a smooth result after smoothing. That is kind of a rule in edge loop modeling and polygon deforming. To have a smooth curve there must be at least 3 control edges. So I made the arms holes and two other for the wire plug.

Then I selected the top and the bottom caps and made the same procedure of beveling not it looks like it has mass, like a thick layer. Then proceeded to detach the half to make an abdomen for it. A single mesh body wouldnt be very posable.


3. The Pelvis


Here is when the copy of the head is going to be useful and im going to clone one more time for later.

The pelvis area is pretty much like the head in its early state, so I made a copy earlyer to save some time. I turned it 180 degrees upside down. I placed it below the body and isolated the object to work better. Then erased the half so I dont have to repeat the steps again.

As in the helmet it was a good thing to merge all the faces that are going to be extruded (easier to hadle in this way), Tweaked the vertices a lil bit, and the rest is extrude history. Of course after I was happy with the shape I mirrored the other half and welded the vertices. I left enough space there for a rotational joint.

...proceed to page two to learn more...

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