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Texturing Sad Mike

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:
Texturing Sad Mike is split in two parts. Both parts are about texturing SadMike's head but each part will deal with this problem in a different way. In part one we will see how to apply textures using the texporter plugin, and in part two we will use the "Unwrap UVW" modifier.

The completed model on the left is where we stopped last time. (see here for this modelling tutorial) I did some modifications, nothing big, I just added some new edges to make a smoother model. So now it is time to put some textures on it.

The Image above shows just an Editable Mesh without any modifiers.

Now apply a Mesh Smooth modifier. You can change the number of Iterations to 2. You can also change this any time later so set Iterations to 1 for now. The Computer will work faster that way.

The next step is to apply a UVW Mapping modifier.

You can use either the Cylindrical or Spherical mapping type. Here, I used Cylindrical, because I wanted to concentrate on the face's texture.

When you apply the Modifier you will see that the gizmo is aligned in a wrong way. We will have to rotate it twice to place it in the right position.

At first we will rotate it by -90° (watch the minus) around the Y-axis, to place it in up/down position.

Now we rotate it by -90° around the Z-axis, so that the green line of the gizmo is at the back of SadMike's head.
This is the place where the texture is going to be split and then unwraped into 2D by MAX. This green line should always be hidden from the camera!

After all the rotating just hit the "Fit"-button in the UVW Mapping modifier. Now the head is completely in the gizmo cage.

Next step is to use Texporter. If you install it and you do not see it in the Utilities panel, click the "More..."-button and find it in the list.

Texporter is a very useful easy-to-use-very plugin.

It allows you to specify the image's size. This is the size of the image that Texporter will print the unwraped mesh into.

After unwrapping you can save the image and open it in your favourite 2D Software. There you paint the texture over the image and later assign it to your model. I used 2000x1200 pixels, here. Now, click "Pick Object" and select SadMike's head.

Texporter will start calulating. When it's done an image of thet unwraped model appears. Save this image and use the painting software (I use Photoshop myself) to paint the texture over this image.

697_tid_007.jpg 697_tid_008.jpg

Textporter will mark overlapping faces red. See that red smile? That can be a problem.

Click to Enlarge

To solve it try to rotate the mapping gizmo in the UVW Mapping modifier,like on the image on the left.

You will end up with a different unwrapped image. Maybe it is a a little better than the previous one but there is still a red smile... You can perhaps try some different type of mapping - spherical for example.

But in the end the smile will remain. Luckily those faces will be covered by the chin and cannot be seen by the camera. Now all you have to do is to paint a decent texture over the image you exported and use it in your material's diffuse map slot. Bump and specular map should be created from this diffuse map by first converting it to grayscale mode and than adjusting the white and black parts of the image.

Click to Enlarge
Proceed to page two, to learn texturing SadMike in a more complex way!

continued on next page >

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