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Making Of 'Seat Leon II'

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Date Added: 24th March 2010
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This is a quick tutorial that explains all the process to make this composition. We're going to see how to make the model, materials, lighting, render parameters and finishing the image with Photoshop.

Modelling the bodywork

This model has the minimun polys possible and a "Mesh Smooth" modifier applied to smooth the surface. To start, I put reference pictures of the car in the scene. In this case, In the first place, I modelled the right part of the car in plane. I did it extruding edges. After that, I moved vertex to set up the volume. When I finished this, I started with the back side of the car in the same way. The complete process can be seen in this animated image.



1. To obtain soft edges, you have to "Chamfer" this edge. If you don't make this, the meshsmooth modifier will smooth this part.

Click to Enlarge

2. To obtain sharp edges, I work with "Smoothing Groups". You have to give one "Smoothing Group" to one face an another different to the other. And don't forget to active the "Smoothing Groups" switch in "MeshSmooth" modifier..

Click to Enlarge

3. To obtain hard angles, you have to "Chamfer" the edge or vertex of this angle. If you don't do this, this angle will be curved in the "Mesh Smooth" modifier.

Click to Enlarge

Modelling the tires

1. Use a picture to reference. Extrude the faces to make a segment of tire.

Click to Enlarge

2. Create a cylinder with the same radius of final tire.

Click to Enlarge

3. Increase the sides of cylinder until every face measures the same size that the created piece of tire.

Click to Enlarge

4. Copy the segment as many times as sides has the cylinder.

Click to Enlarge

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Diego on Wed, 25 July 2012 10:29pm
es: Gran trabajo! en: Great work!
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