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Making Of 'Surfin' 2003'

By Andrea
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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

First Step

After modelling the scene, which is not covered in this tutorial, you must then decide what textures you are going to use and how to apply them. We will be using texporter to make things easier. In my scene I used texporter in order to realize the textures of wall, of the scale, surfboard and the towel. The procedure to use it is always the same. You can change only the images of reference used in Photoshop and for this I will show only a short example applied to the main wall, in order to understand the process. For the surfboard and towel textures I have found reference images from the Internet, while in order to realize all the other materials I have used images from the TotalTextures CD's. We begin . Select the wall, or create a cylinder, you decide which part is visible to the camera and go into sub object/polygon mode to prepare the object for mapping. (fig.1).

Fig. 01

From the modifier list apply a UVW mapand choose cylindrical projection (fig.2) and click on center alignment, view align and fit in order to adapt the map to the surface.

Fig. 02

Here you can create the bitmap of your UV map with Texporter to import into Photoshop. You open the plugin from the utilities tab, (hit 'more' if texporter isn't listed,) set up the dimensions you want, (in this case 960x960), select "only selected" and then you click on "pick object" (fig.3), press "H" on the keyboard and choose the wall (or the cylinder). Save the image as a JPEG and then open it in Photoshop or the program that you prefer.

Fig. 03

Second Step: Photoshop

Open the images that you are going to use for the textures in order to create the diffuse and bump maps - in my case I have decided to use con004 as the main surface and stone38 in order to add dirt and to render it therefore more real. Create a new layer & use the clone tool to paint the surface of the wall on top of the UV map. At this stage, in order to render the texture more credible try to always use the clone stamp with another grunge map or similar texture to add dirt and wear. Once finished save the image as diffuse .tga and then prepare to create the bump map. Desaturate the diffuse texture by saving as a gray scale image and then change the contrast to +40 and brightness to -20. Save this as bump.tga. Now you have the textures ready for the scene. Close Photoshop and return to 3dsmax (fig.4).

Fig. 04

Last Step: Rendering

Open the materials editor (M) and select the first free slot. In the diffuse channel, open the diffuse.tga image and in the bump channel, the corresponding bump texture. Play with the bump amount setting in order to see what looks good, then apply the material to the wall. After playing with the settings some more and doing a few test renders, you should be ready for the final rendering. Below is my final render of the scene.

Thanks to 3D Total for the texture collections - truly very well made... my compliments!

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