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Making Of 'Young Rodeo'

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Date Added: 18th December 2009
Software used:
The idea and concept for this image for a young boy riding a huge bull came to me while scribbling in my sketch book. I then went about creating a rough story revolving around the image.

Rodeo means "The Real Cowboy". It's a story of a boy, whose passion was to ride bulls like his father. I have tried to capture a spectacular frame of the young boy who has been trained by his father. The father who is a pro in Rodeo events is amazed watching his son performing better than him at such a young age (see image to the right)
After the story was clear in my mind, I started filling in the sketch with colour to get the right look and feel (see image below and click for bigger version).

Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge

I drew a few model sheets for the cowboy for reference, before starting to model. I always prefer polygon modelling for just about anything.

Completed the whole cowboy using the box-modelling technique.


A grey mesh display of the young cowboy from all sides.


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R Jones on Sun, 14 July 2013 11:05pm
Well, I must apologize in advance for cutting to the end of your tutorial but I'm not a graphic artist and don't aspire to develop into one. My main interest is in asking: is it possible to purchase a print of the young bull-rider, the depiction at the end of your tutorial? It's dynamite!
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