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Making Of 'Carlos Huante Creature Model'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

Step 12

As you can see in Fig13, I then exported the level 1 mesh from Mudbox into 3DS Max. This mesh has higher mesh density than the original base mesh and has more mass details (Fig13).

Fig. 13

Step 13

The mesh was imported into 3DS Max using the .obj import option. It was then ready to have a shader pass on it and I was able to test the normal map that I had generated (Fig14).

Fig. 14

Step 14

Fig15 shows the test render of the mesh. I applied a skin shader from Brazil's rendering system. I always use this shader with creatures and characters because it is easy to use and gives some awesome results with subsurface scattering, and has a real skin-like quality (Fig15).

Fig. 15

Step 15

The above (Fig16) image shows the normal map generated in Mudbox, plugged into the shader, and the test render shown with the model. I left this here at this point, as later on I planned to tweak the shader more with more detail, once I was done with the diffuse map and lighting (Fig16). (See you soon, Shader!)

Fig. 16

Step 16

I then mirrored the mesh and started modelling the mouth, along with other important small details which were to bring more life into this creature (Fig17).

Fig. 17

Step 17

I added more details to the model, like the teeth, and those spikes on his back. The creature received all of his beauty elements at this stage - I love that he has lots of teeth to eat puny humans! The next step was to add some colour to it, and so I moved into Adobe Photoshop - another program which I love and cannot do without (Fig18).

Fig. 18

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