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Making Of 'Girl's Experience'

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Date Added: 22nd June 2009
Software used:

Warning: Contains nudity


The original idea was born 3 years ago when I saw an old photograph of drunken women (Fig.01).

Fig. 01

After having the initial idea I realised a few weeks later that it could become a good image. It happens to me sometimes that I'll see something and have an idea, and I tell myself that it will work, but after some time I'll discover that it won't and stop. I don't find it a good idea to start on a new project headlong; I have done this in the past and now find it better to wait a few weeks to consider my opinion of a project before starting. If I am still excited about the idea after a few weeks, then I'll start work on the concept and working out the composition.

The concept came first and is a very important step for the creation of a good image. For me, it is important to add something to a theme in order to add variety to a certain idea. The goal of this image was to involve the beholder of the image in the storyline itself, to get them to speculate, take note of the detail, the story and the atmosphere enacted in the scene. I can say that this was one of the heaviest things of this image creation.

I was helped with the creation of this image by MaxCon 2006.  I sat with other graphic designers in the pub till late one night, we discussed quite a lot and I told them about my idea to create some drunken women with an erotic or lesbian tinge. After that, everyone made some sketches. On this sketch (Fig.02) there are various names so that don't take it too earnestly, but I found that it helped me with my motivation and I appointed myself a deadline which I promised myself I would keep. You know how it can be a problem sometimes keeping deadlines of personal projects; the more complicated the work, the bigger this problem becomes!

Fig. 02

Concept & Reference

I defined my concept in Photoshop (Fig.03).

Fig. 03

I started with a scene and then located the women into approximate positions within it, using the furniture to try to find a suitable composition. I decided in the end to change the lighting in the final image from what is shown here, because I found the lighting situation in this original concept a disturbing element for the viewer. With the concept sorted,
I continued by following the concept and modelling the characters in 3d, in their respective positions (Fig.04).

Fig. 04

It's good to find a few photos and references for everything in your image (Fig.05 - 07). They will help you to improve some details and they are also good when it comes to the settings of your shaders and textures.

Fig. 05


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