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Making of 'Peterbilt 379'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

Modelling - Exhaust Pipe

258_tid_21.jpg 258_tid_22.jpg
                    Fig. 21 - Main spline drawn                                           Fig. 22 - Spline made visible at render and in viewports

258_tid_23.jpg 258_tid_24.jpg
Fig.23 - Chamfers made                                                             Fig.24 - Outside part of pipe drawn

258_tid_25.jpg 258_tid_26.jpg 258_tid_27.jpg
Fig.25 - Lathe and UWV modifiers                                 Fig.26 - Arm                                             Fig.27 - Nuts and shaft        

258_tid_28.jpg 258_tid_29.jpg
      Fig.28 - Spline drawn for the handle                                                       Fig.29 - View from other Viewports      

258_tid_30.jpg 258_tid_31.jpg
              Fig.30 - Handle ready                                                             Fig.31 - Entire pipe with UVW modifier

Some other details are shown below

258_tid_32.jpg 258_tid_33.jpg
Fig.32 - Door and rear mirrors                                                                   Fig.33 - Engine                                                

258_tid_34.jpg 258_tid_35.jpg 258_tid_36.jpg
              Fig.34 - Engine                         Fig.35 - Engine and some of the interior parts                   Fig.36 - Main lights              

258_tid_37.jpg 258_tid_38.jpg
Fig.37 - Chassis ready - rear view                                                       Fig.38 - Chassis ready - front view

258_tid_39.jpg 258_tid_40.jpg
Fig.39 - Model ready                                                                             Fig.40 - Model ready

So, the model was ready at this stage and it was possible to move on to the following step.

Lights & Materials

To begin this stage, I created a studio environment. I then created 3 light sources and a VRay Physical Camera. Here is how it turned out (Fig.41 - Studio - top view; Fig.42 - Studio - front view):

  1. VRay Light - the basic light source in the setup
  2. Target Spot - an additional source for the generation of warm tones; directed away from the car and shining onto the studio
  3. Omni - for the creation of luminescence behind the truck
  4. VRay Physical Camera (Fig.43 - Camera adjustments)

To get reflections on the truck I used planes with a VrayLightmtl applied. The Gradient Ramp allowed me to easily adjust the sharpness of the borders of the reflections (Fig.44 - Reflection plane material).

Fig. 41
Fig. 42

Fig. 43
Fig. 44

Studio Material

To get more contrast in the reflections from the studio, I put a Falloff map in the Diffuse channel. Without it, reflections in studio on the chrome-plated details would look too similar and boring. Basically, it helped to achieve having additional illumination in the scene, influencing only on the studio, but it was also going to complicate the rendering (Fig.45 - Studio material).

Fig. 45

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Arturxd on Sun, 14 July 2013 8:38pm
where you found the blueprint of the Peterbilt?
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