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Making of 'Victory!'

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Date Added: 22nd July 2014

James Suret reveals how he created a futuristic female cyborg soldier, using clothing, accessories and scenery to create a narrative...


In this tutorial I will explain how I created a futuristic cyborg character with weapons and accessories, finished off with a plinth for the character to help tell a story. I used DynaMesh throughout the sculpting process, gradually increasing the polycount to add more details. The end result was an image created from several render passes exported from ZBrush and put together in Photoshop.

A close-up of the final model

Starting with a base mesh in ZBrush

I wanted this character to be based on human anatomy, so I loaded a female base mesh. Using a base mesh saves time when compared to starting from ZSpheres (which I usually do when creating non-humanoid characters).

After modifying the model's proportions slightly, I duplicated it and turned on Transparency, which allowed me to sculpt on the top SubTool while seeing the base mesh underneath.

Using the Move and Clay brushes, I created the basic shapes of the armor around the model's anatomy. I then used DynaMesh to increase the polygon count and create an even mesh ready to add further details.

TIP: It's sometimes necessary to cut out straight lines in the mesh, for example, on seams or metal panels. To do this you can hold down the left-mouse-button and then hold down the Shift-key and drag the mouse ? the mouse cursor will then snap to a straight line.

Starting the character with a base mesh in order to get the correct proportions and anatomy

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