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The making of 'Garrosh Hellscream'

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Date Added: 20th June 2014

Modeling the armor

For the armor, I decided to make a base mesh in Maya, and then export it to ZBrush for the details. So I imported the body base mesh to Maya and made the armor base meshes to fit on the body. To help later on in the sculpting process, I tried to maintain an equal polygon density for each object ? even if it was a flat surface.

There were a lot of skulls around the armor, so I created one skull in ZBrush and exported it to Maya, and then duplicated it around the armor where it was needed. I used the IMM Chain brush in ZBrush to create the wrist chains.

Exporting and importing the base mesh into Maya

UV Unwrap

Once I was happy with base mesh, I created UV maps for each object. I used 9 UV tiles so I put a lot of detail in the texture maps, in case I wanted to use a close up render.

Creating UV maps for each object


I exported each armor mesh to ZBrush. Before sculpting the details, I decided to make the pose first. Usually sculpting comes before posing, but this character will stay in the same pose for the final image.

There's a great tool in ZBrush called the Transpose Master. This makes all the SubTools low res and merges them temporarily to allow us to adjust the overall object together ? this means it's great for posing, especially when a scene contains multiple SubTools. I could have moved and rotated the model using this temporary mesh, but instead I exported this mesh to Maya and rigged it so I could get a pose with a better weight distribution.

Once I was happy with the pose, I exported the mesh to ZBrush and switched the temp mesh to posed mesh. During this process, the Vertex ID or object name shouldn't be changed.

Rigging the character

Posing the character by repositioning the rig

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Kim Junny on Wed, 30 July 2014 6:48pm
OMG my eyes :( ....
Knucklehead Kyle on Wed, 25 June 2014 8:51am
Great work, Mike! Thank you for taking the time to prepare this tutorial. I love the tertiary details on the props, and for some reason I really like the pants despite its simple design, some nice sculpting there. - being a lazy TD that I am, I'd probably have simulated it in Marvelous Designer as well and maybe ZRemesh.
Juan Carlos on Tue, 24 June 2014 3:54am
es: exelente trabajo,gracias por mostrarnos su flujo de trabajo ,ayuda demasiado a los artistas que estamos buscando lograr resultados asi de geniales en: excellent work, thanks for showing your workflow, support the artists too, we are looking to achieve great results as well
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