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The making of Happy Birthday!

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Date Added: 26th March 2014
Software used:

Step 8: Hair & fur

All hair was done using the plug-in Hairtrix (Ornatrix) in 3ds Max. This is not only a very powerful hair plug-in, but also very easy to control. You can find a detailed tutorial if you're interested ? I'm just going to introduce it briefly here. For example: I divided the model of dad's head into a few areas, and then selected one as the basis for hair generating. Then I added OX Guide from Surface and OX Edit Guide edit spline nodes. After I achieved a proper brush spline, I then added OX Hair from Guides to be able to get an appropriate hairstyle. I also added some random nodes afterwards to get it a bit more natural-looking. I created each area of hair one by one, until all the hair was completed.



Step 9: Rendering

Because of the pre-test work I was well prepared, so the final rendering process was quite smooth.
I did not use layered rendering; all the elements were rendered once, including the hair. The benefit of this process is that the effect is very uniform and precise. The disadvantage is that the rendering time is too long, and also limits the flexibility of post-processing. The final result of the rendered image is shown below.


Step 10: Post-production

In the final step, I did some tonal adjustments and detailing in Photoshop, which improved the overall quality of the final image.

I hope you've enjoyed learning a little about my production experience on this image. I hope you enjoy the image and have found something useful from this short making of!


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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Strob on Fri, 13 June 2014 4:06pm
wow! Very powerful image! I woul d like to see an animation of it. Hope to find a link to Lin Zhang new portfolio since cghub is dead... To answer Eodeo, Maya was probably used just because the artist was more familiar with it but 3ds Max has more tools, power and ease of use when it comes to modeling.
Eodeo on Tue, 01 April 2014 3:30am
What are advantages to modeling in Maya? I guess it has some to do it there and then transfer everything in Max.
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